About Men’s Dress Shirts

Standard Men’s Dress Shirts

With men’s dress shirts purchased at a department store, you get a basic style and standard sizing that will fit most men. The standard dress shirts are made in such a way that they leave lots of fabric around the torso area so that the shirts will fit a larger percentage of the population. They do this not for you…but for them. They make production runs in the thousands and the less they have to change the sizing the cheaper it is for them to make the dress shirts. A lot of men have grown used to this “baggy” or “comfortable” look with their dress shirts so they think that is normal. Women on the other hand have gotten used to a tapered look in their shirts so they would never be able to sell “baggy” shirts to women. The good thing about standard men’s dress shirts is that since they are so loose there is a larger margin for error when cutting them and you the consumer can have confidence that your shirt will fit you properly because you are used to this margin for error in your dress shirts. Our Men’s Dress Shirts are made just for you so we can tailor them in a standard size or more custom sizing if you wish. The decision on how to tailor your dress shirts is always up to you.

In line with what was mentioned above about sizing on standard men’s dress shirts, is the fact that they come with only one choice for collar and cuff. Again the manufacturers do this for their benefit not for yours. On our shirts the collars and cuffs can be selected by you and they can differ with each men’s dress shirt that you purchase. We label all the choices that you would normally receive on a standard dress shirt as the #1 option on our shirts, since these are the most common ones selected. execshirts offers a complete array of custom options for your men’s dress shirts, visit Custom Made Shirts Options to see for yourself what is available on your shirts.

Change Fit On Men’s Dress Shirts

The men’s dress shirts at execshirts are made specifically for you, from your measurements, using your preference for fabrics and styles. Every shirt is made for your frame and style. You can even have men’s dress shirts without taking any measurements, just use the standard size you would use at a department store (e.g. 16/35) ordering is as easy as 1-2-3.

There is also the option where you can have a different fit on your men’s dress shirts without taking any measurements. In your account at checkout you can select a “regular fit” or a different fit. A regular fit means that your shirts will come in a standard fit similar to a department store. If you want an athletic fit or a husky fit or even a dress shirt cut for a body builder, we can tailor that. Learn about sizing and fit on your dress shirts Sizing Custom Dress Shirts

The third option for fit is to take your custom measurements, you can either take custom measurements off your body or off an existing custom dress shirt. Instructions for taking your Custom Dress Shirt Measurements are listed on our site and are easy to follow. You can either take your measurements, or take an existing custom dress shirt that fits you and copy those measurements. We will take your measurements and tailor shirts just for you.

What About Fabrics For Men’s Dress Shirts

We keep it simple. We know that you are not a tailor, and that you want to know if your dress shirt is a cotton/polyester mix, or 100% cotton, so we tell you. We also give you some information on classic fabrics such as Oxford, Pinpoint, Broadcloth, etc. We offer more information on dress shirt fabrics on our site. We present the material (along with photos) in a way that should be easy enough for the average executive to understand when making a decision to buy men’s dress shirts. All the photos of dress shirts on our site are photos of actual customer dress shirts, we do not use any software to create a digital image or digital draping or anything like that, unlike some of our competitors. We believe that before you make a purchase you need to see the actual fabric of the dress shirt displayed as an actual shirt. The reason they use a digital image is that it is cheaper than displaying an actual shirt, this is done for their benefit, not for yours.

More Collar/Cuff Info For Dress Shirts

Since you are really looking for men’s dress shirts that meets your needs in terms of size and style, execshirts offers an extensive array of custom options. We have already provided the link that shows all the collar and cuff options we have.

Collars come in the form of button-down, tab, straight, and spread to name the most common types for dress shirts. The beauty of our web site is that you get to see pictures of shirts made with that particular collar, and then you can decide if that is the kind of collar you want. If you are buying several different shirts at once, you can pick the features on each individual men’s dress shirt if you so desire, it is up to you. Learn more about collars Dress Shirt Collars

After collars, cuffs are the next question people ask about. At execshirts we have classic 1 button and 2 button cuffs, round cuffs, square cuffs, and French cuffs. Just like with collars, we have presented photos of the cuffs we tailor to help you in the purchase of your men’s dress shirts. Our Dress Shirt Cuffs include round french cuffs and square french cuffs, so you can have french cuff dress shirts tailored just for you.

Continuing on with your custom options, there are options for different pockets or no-pockets on your dress shirt. We also have different options for pleats in the back and can make a personal monogram on your shirts. One popular custom option that we offer on men’s dress shirts is Short Sleeve Dress Shirts.

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