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Custom Dress Shirts – Where To Start?

We believe that the best way to learn about custom dress shirts from execshirts is to start with our homepage, Custom Dress Shirts from execshirts can be ordered as easy as 1-2-3, go to our homepage to get the details, or start here and read the information below.

Have you ever gone to an expensive department store to buy a high quality dress shirt and pay $100-150, because you are looking for true quality? You know, the kind of fitted dress shirts that are comfortable for men to wear, and tailored to last. The problem is that unless you perfectly fit the model that the company is using, the dress shirts are going to be: too long in the sleeves; too big at the neck; too narrow in the torso; etc. etc. etc. In other words shirts that are not custom fit for you and do not fit you as well as you would like. Our Custom Dress Shirts are tailored just for you.

Ideally, you would want custom dress shirts, with all the quality of an expensive department store, yet at a price that is the same or cheaper than the department store. So why settle for a shirt that does not properly fit you when execshirts gives you all the things that you have been looking for in a custom shirt. We make high quality custom dress shirts, tailored to last, at a price that does not break your budget. Once you have worn custom made dress shirts from execshirts, you are never going to want to go back to off the rack shirts, PERIOD. We can say this because we hear it from our customers all the time! You can visit our site to compare Online Dress Shirts and see for yourself just what value execshirts offers.

How Custom Are Our Dress Shirts?

The custom dress shirts at execshirts are tailored specifically for you, from your measurements, using your preference for fabrics and styles. Every shirt is made for your frame and style. You can even have custom shirts without taking any measurements, ordering is as easy as 1-2-3. The instructions for taking your Custom Dress Shirt Measurements are listed on our site and are easy to follow. You can either take your measurements, or take an existing dress shirt that fits you and copy those measurements. We will take your measurements and tailor shirts just for you.

What About Fabrics For Custom Made Dress Shirts?

At execshirts we know how confusing buying custom made dress shirts can be, if you let it become that way. Our tailor personally approves all of the fabrics used in our shirts, everyday vendors come to us with fabric swatches for him to review. Our tailor knows what the latest fashions are, and he also knows about classic fashions for executives. Most important of all, our tailor knows what quality fabric is all about, because you can’t make quality custom dress shirts if you don’t first start with a fabric that is high quality.

Instead of trying to impress/confuse you with thread counts (120, etc.) we keep it simple. We know that you are not a tailor, and that you want to know if your dress shirt is a cotton/polyester mix, or 100% cotton, so we tell you. We also give you some information on classic fabrics such as Oxford, Pinpoint, Broadcloth, etc. We offer more information on dress shirt fabrics on our site. We present the material (along with actual customer dress shirt photos) in a way that should be easy enough for the average executive to understand when making a decision to buy custom dress shirts. We also sell some better quality fabrics and we label those “deluxe”.

Some tailors will tell you that a cotton/polyester shirt is not worth being custom made, but we disagree. Many people prefer cotton/polyester custom shirts because they will wrinkle less and because they will shrink less (a dress shirt will shrink 2-3%). The cotton/polyester fabric that we use is “wrinkle resistant”. While some customers’ love a dress shirt made of a cotton/polyester mix, some swear by 100% cotton. These customers love the feel of 100% cotton and that already worn look that cotton dress shirts give you after you put them on. Our Wrinkle Free Shirts come in patterns or solid colors.

In addition to dress shirt fabrics, we sell Linen Shirts and Silk Shirts. Our Linen Shirts can be made with short sleeves or long sleeves. Our Linen Shirts are perfect in both formal and informal situations, and we routinely make them for wedding parties. In addition to Linen Shirts, we also make Casual Dress Shirts in other types of cloth.

So execshirts gives you all the important information that you need, without overloading you with jargon. If you are a custom dress shirt aficionado who needs to know more information before buying, no problem, just contact us at customerservice@execshirts.com

What Custom Options Are Available On My Dress Shirts?

Since you are really looking for custom made shirts that meets your needs in terms of size and style, execshirts offers an extensive array of custom options. We have already touched on how to size your dress shirt and what kind of fabrics are available, now lets explore custom options.

Collars come in the form of button-down, tab, straight, and spread to name the most common types for dress shirts. The beauty of our web site is that you get to see pictures of shirts made with that particular collar, and then you can decide if that is the kind of collar you want. If you are buying several different shirts at once, you can pick the features on each individual custom dress shirt if you so desire, it is up to you.

After collars, cuffs are the next question people ask about. At execshirts we have classic 1 button and 2 button cuffs, round cuffs, square cuffs, and French cuffs. Just like with collars, we have presented photos of cuff examples to make your decision easier. Our French Cuff Dress Shirts come in round French Cuffs and square French Cuffs.

Continuing on with your custom options, there are options for different pockets or no-pockets on your dress shirt. We also have different options for the back of your shirt with regards to pleats. For those discerning customers who want a personal monogram, we have that too. In fact have several different styles of monograms for you to choose from. Once again we have presented images for you to help you in the decision making process. One of the custom dress shirt options that we have is Short Sleeve Dress Shirts.

What If I Still Have Questions About Custom Dress Shirts?

If after reading all of this you still have questions, try going to our web site and seeing the FAQ Custom Dress Shirts section.

If you do not see the answer to your questions, let us see if we can help you. Please email your specific question to us at: customerservice@execshirts.com we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. To understand how we cut our shirts, we have provided information on Tailored Dress Shirts. For customers who want to know about “Athletic Fit” shirts, we explain the process for Fitted Dress Shirts.

I Am Ready To Buy My Custom Dress Shirts Now

Okay that is great news, because we are ready to start tailoring your shirts specifically for you. Making custom dress shirts at execshirts is as easy as 1-2-3. View the process on Men’s Dress Shirts Ordering.

When you add a fabric to your shopping cart, you will need to add your custom options per shirt. When you have finished shopping, proceed to check out and there you will create an account and add your measurements.

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