Wrinkle Free Cotton Shirts

One of the things you will notice on our website is that we have 100% Cotton dress shirts and Cotton/Poly Wrinkle Resistant shirts, see this page for Striped Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirts:


We do not sell 100% Cotton Dress Shirts that are wrinkle resistant, because we believe it is a gimmick. Cotton is a natural fibre that is supposed to breath…that is why it is lightweight and also why it wrinkles, much like Linen.

We have the option of buying “wrinkle free” 100% Cotton, but all the fabric is treated with a chemical coating that makes the fabric act “wrinkle free”, similar to a Cotton/Poly fabric. That chemical treatment will wash out after a certain number of washing and the dress shirt will no longer be “wrinkle free”. In the meantime the fabric will lose its “breathable” properties because of the coating.

So all in all we believe this is just a gimmick and we do not offer fabric like that.

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