Digital Draping

We do not use “digital draping” on our site where you take a picture of one shirt and then have a program take all of your fabrics and layer them over the digital image to display the shirt…we actually take a photo of each shirt that we sell and display that on our website.

Some of our competitors use digital draping and it certainly adds a “wow factor” to their sites…but the consumer does not really get to see the shirt that they want to purchase, it is only a computer simulation of a shirt.

It is certainly easier to not take photos of shirts and to just layer fabric images over the single photo…and that is why our competitors do that…they are located far away from their manufacturing sites and cannot afford to have a photo studio and graphics person on site to do the lengthy/costly process of taking an actual photo.

We believe that it is more beneficial to the consumer to see an actual photo of a shirt…that it enables the consumer to make a more informed decision before they buy….so that is why we go to the time and expense of adding photos on each shirt…because we look at what is best for the consumer…not what is easiest for our graphics team.

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