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Cuff Link Shirts

We see a lot of queries on our site about cuff link shirts, a “cuff link shirt” is usually another name for a french cuff shirt, a shirt with french cuffs that uses cufflinks. We also offer a “changeable cuff” … Continue reading

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Digital Draping

We do not use “digital draping” on our site where you take a picture of one shirt and then have a program take all of your fabrics and layer them over the digital image to display the shirt…we actually take … Continue reading

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Wrinkle Free Cotton Shirts

One of the things you will notice on our website is that we have 100% Cotton dress shirts and Cotton/Poly Wrinkle Resistant shirts, see this page for Striped Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirts: We do not sell 100% Cotton Dress … Continue reading

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What Is Athletic Tapering?

On our website you can select how you want your shirt tapered, you can have an “athletic taper” or even an “extreme” taper similar to what a body builder does, for more information visit: Continue reading

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Options On Custom Dress Shirts

If you want to know what kind of custom options are available on your shirts please visit this page on our site: Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to our custom dress shirts blog, we hope this information will supplement what we provide on our website ( Continue reading

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